Myrelie Colon-Vilar

Financial Coach and Founder

The Wealth Element

My name is Myrelie Colon-Vilar and I have decided to follow my passion to educate people in the areas of personal development and financial freedom techniques. I am a Dave Ramsey Financial Coach and have been totally debt free since 2015. I have a degree in Architectural Engineer graduated from the University of Miami and 20 years experience working in the construction industry, finance and contracts. As the former Senior Aviation Construction Scheduler Manager for the Miami International Airport, my job allowed me to use the principles of goal setting and budgeting. I applied the same principles to my personal life and thankfully I was completely debt free in early 2015.

In May 2015, I received the three words nobody wants to hear, you have cancer. I was diagnosed with DCIS and lobular breast cancer. I had to leave my job to take care of my health. On this journey, my biggest source of hope was that I was sure that no matter what happened to me, my family was going to be fine financially speaking. During this time, I have decided that the best way to give back to society is to teach these principles that have saved my mental sanity. Having financial freedom is not an overnight event. It requires planning, diligence and execution. I am so glad that you are giving me the opportunity to be part of your journey.