It’s going to rain, get ready

Have you noticed that is at the time of need, after we hit rock bottom that our most significant discoveries are made?
I recently found myself at the crossroads of a major life decision. I’ve been battling breast cancer and depression for the past two years. My employer was graceful enough to retain my position for all this time but even now I have no medical clearance to go back to work. My scheduled is consumed between waiting in doctors’ offices, phone conversations with the insurance and a great deal of physical and IV therapies. To say I am exhausted is an understatement. This June 11 was my deadline to reintegrate back to my full time work. Needless to say after lots of consideration my family and I decided for me to officially quit my full time job and concentrate on my health.
Over the last year I have been working diligently with the Dave Ramsey’s Team to be certified as a Financial Coach. I have followed his program for about 8 years prior and it’s been the biggest blessing I have received in my family’s financial life. I love helping people realize that they too can achieve financial independence.
At this time, I can truly say I’m extremely proud I prepared financially and that I followed Dave Ramsey’s common sense techniques. The reason why I was able to make this decision, is because money was not a part of the equation. All my needs have been taken care of and we learned as a family to live on a one income budget while preparing for financial independence.
My discovery is that when you remove money worries from the equation, decisions become easier to make. When you are prepared for that rainy day, things that would’ve set out to be crises become inconveniences. Arguments about material things decrease as you work out a plan with your partner to achieve common goals.
As I write this blog I ask you to prepare and get ready for the unknown. It’s going to rain for sure at one time or another in your life. Make sure that you are prepared. Let me help you and guide you on your journey.

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